Khmer Food to Add a New 10 Tons/Hour Rice Milling Unit in Phnom Penh

Due to overly high number of orders and demands and limited capacity, Khmer Food is forced to reject and limit orders from several clients, which we regret the most. To solve this, we are expanding both our milling and warehouse capacity.

After another year of success and increased regular customer base, Khmer Food is installing a new rice milling unit at its headquarter located in Phnom Penh. The new line will be able to output 10 tons per hour of export quality rice. Moreover, Khmer Food is also expanding its main warehouse and adding a new warehouse which spreads over 10,000 meter square.

With our new facilities completed, we will expand our retail brands and wholesales. Most importantly, we are eyeing on new exports markets, especially to Asian and African countries and the United States.

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